"horizons. november". "horisondid. november".  Solo exhibition held at Y-gallery, Tartu.

panoramic images of dimensions 50*120 cm. Photographed  using the camera "Horizont".


joyride. sweat drops on your skin. dust on the negatives. torn film. sparrows cutting the sky. changed vision. illusion. july.

midday psychedely. empty town. sultry before the concert, before the storm. a man in white rubber boots near "konsum" store. evening sun shining on, for free. august. birthday.

eternity tourists. notre dame. lipstick marks on the grave monument of Oscar Wilde. cinnamon like scent of decay. reality splitter. desirable touch of the beautiful hand. october.

november. coming back once again.



"wildlife documentaries". Participating in the exhibition of Kiwa. Draakon gallery, Tallinn. Contextualizing a painting by Kiwa, using mixed slide projections on it and photographing the result.



"hare weichnachten". participating in a group exhibition. Y-gallery, Tartu. On the images of mine Jesus Christ is in outer space this time. Here are some photos from the opening.



"mutato nomine". Võru towngallery.  Audio-visual space installation, cowork with Triinu Pungits.




"The registry of forgetting" ."Unustamise register".   Rael Artel Gallery. Tartu.  Diploma work of the photography department of Tartu Art College. Audio-visual space installation dealing with different aspects like personal histories, memory and forgetting, human longing for infinity, to be remembered, yet still fading away. The photos used, I originally found and bought from the antique shops. Images of lovers, friends, soldiers, families, birthdays, good times together. Moments, people, events to remember, yet the continuity of remembering getting broken by the time passing by. Dark room, red lights. Photos floating around in a huge "developing bath", but the process is reversed - in around week time the images would vanish, white paper would remain. For the sound surrounding of the exhibition I recorded low echoed basslines and mixed them with different noisescapes and also parts of epic retro songs by singers like Marlene Dietrich and Georg Ots - in a way creating a state of being in history, time flowing by.



"presence of absence". "puudumise kohalolu".

participating in a group exhibition curated by Andreas W. Rael Artel gallery, Pärnu. Y-gallery, Tartu. One of the works at this show is done in a cooperation with Maari Ross, it is called „Some of the finest landscapes of photography“ - Ansel Adams landscapes projected on our bodies. Bright light shining through, white gloves covering the hands, as one can actually touch Ansel Adams prints only with gloved hands. The other work is a collage of photos of the fetish subculture, almost non existing in Estonia. The collage of tiny images was actually exhibited with a magnifying glass hanging next to it.


"other side. samples" Gallery of the Endla Theatre in Pärnu.  First solo exhibition of black and white photos, some portraits and some landscapes. Some romance for the wicked and wastelands.